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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's The Little Things - Growing Up

It seems like every day Noah learns something new.  While it's super cool to watch him grow and learn, it scares me how fast it's all going by.  Noah was a late walker.  He took his first steps the day after he turned 14 months, and it took him until he was 15 months before he was walking all the time.   I think that when he was crawling, I could still consider him a baby.  But now that he's walking, he just looks older and is definitely a toddler.  He now follows me into rooms and will surprise me by grabbing onto the back of my pant legs.  When I see him do this, I can just imagine him running soon, and I won't be able to keep up!

^^^ rocking a faux-hawk and looking super cool!

This past week, Noah has also decided he doesn't like me to spoon feed him baby food anymore.  Another sign that he's growing up.  I know that part of becoming a toddler is wanting more independence and to do things on their own.  I'm having a hard time giving that to him and letting him experiment and get dirty.  This weekend, we were at my parents' house and my mom was feeding him. He was grabbing the baby food pouch and wanted to squirt it on his spoon (we always give him a second spoon to hold).  My mom squirted some on, and he actually fed himself.   Watching him do this, I realized that he will soon be feeding himself all the time.  I know that he still needs me for A LOT, but he's becoming a little boy that doesn't need my help for EVERY LITTLE THING.

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  1. Oh just wait til he can run away from you while giggling like crazy! Liam is so fast and thinks that he actually has a chance of escaping me at times!

  2. It is crazy when they reach those new levels on independence!

  3. Visiting from the link up. Noah is ADORABLE!

  4. Oh, I remember those spoon days.... just want until they start with a fork! Then it gets really entertaining! :o) His little faux hawk is adorable! Enjoy every minute! Stopping by from the link up. :o)



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