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Friday, February 28, 2014

Five on Friday

Greetings from Miami Beach.  Here's my weekly five :)


Today is our last day in Miami Beach.   It's been nice to get away from the cold weather and just relax. While it's definitely different vacationing with a 1 year old, we've still found time to relax.  I was even able to do some reading on this trip… usually during Noah's naps or after he went to sleep at night.  Currently I'm reading Divergent for my book club.  This month, we plan to go see the movie as a group and then discuss the book compared to the movie afterwards.  I'm really looking forward to it!  I finished Divergent so fast cause it was so good.  So while on vacation I bought the next book in the series and I'm already over halfway through it!  I definitely recommend the series!


Last week, we made a little change to our entertainment unit.  This unit has gone through a few transformations since Noah was born.  Before, it was the typical TV stand.  We stored our components,  Wii, DVDs, and our photo albums in it.  Then Noah came around, and slowly all those things had to be relocated so he couldn't get his hands on them and destroy.  The unit instead became his toy chest.  The unit has open shelving in the middle and then two glass doors on each side.  Noah learned how to open the doors quickly, but now we've found that it's getting harder to close them and keep them closed.  I guess the magnetic clasp part got messed up… I wonder how that could have happened ;)  The other night, Chris had the brilliant idea to just take the drawers off.  We were worried as time went on, Noah could do more damage or even brake the glass one day.  Chris took the doors and all the hinges off using a screw driver.  We still need to buy a brown sharpie and fill in the parts of exposed wood (where the hinges were) so it's no longer an eyesore.


The day before we left for Miami, I went and got my nails done.  I went with a fun pink color for my toes, and a neutral gray for my fingers.  I made it a little exciting by adding a glitter top coat to my ring fingers.  I really like how they turned out :)


A friend of mine turned me onto a new snack, and it's quickly become a favorite of mine.  It's not too unhealthy if you eat a normal portion.  But as we've learned, that's almost impossible, so you are warned!  It's really simple, it's just Wheat Thins dipped in Philadelphia Garden Vegetable Cream Cheese.  It's amazing!  Some days when I'm in more of a grazing mood, I consider this my lunch!


I can't believe I will be turning 30 on Monday!  It really doesn't bother me though.  I feel like I'm doing the things I wanted to be doing when I turned 30… married and raising a little kid.  I consider myself super lucky and I'm excited to see what the next 10 years bring!  

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  1. I loved the Divergent series...the end will definitely hit you hard! Such a good read though, and just in time for the first movie!!

  2. I read Divergent, but can't bring myself to finish the rest of the series because of some of the reviews I've seen online. I love your thoughts on turning 30, I also posted about that today too! Enjoy your weekend and have a great birthday!

  3. Loved the Divergent series too! Wasn't crazy with the third book but I am ready for the movie!

  4. I have heard good things about that book series, I will have to check it out!


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