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Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday

TGIF!!! Do people even say that anymore???  I miss the days when there was a full line up of family friendly TV shows on a Friday night.  Can we bring that back???  Anyway, another week has come and gone.  Here's my weekly five… enjoy!


This week my mom and I took Noah to get his picture taken.  We just went to Picture People at the mall.  We have a membership that is about to expire and I had a free trio frame to redeem!  I was holding off until Noah was better at standing and walking on his own.


Yesterday, I went and got my hair done.  Since we are leaving on Tuesday, I wanted it to be all nice for our trip.  I love getting away for a few hours and being pampered.


Recently, Noah and I have tried two new mommy & me type classes.  One was an art class and the other was an intro to preschool type class.  While both were fun, I've learned that I am the kind of mom that thinks that little babies like Noah (15 months) don't need a ton of structure.  I figure that they will have tons of time for a structured school setting, so I'd rather spend our time doing activity based classes.  In reality, I'd love to just arrange play dates with friends at the park, but until the weather improves, I want to have somewhere to go.  So I think we will continue with our music class, sign up for the art class, and look into finding a gymnastics type class.  


When not carrying a diaper bag, I am in love with using a small cross body purse that just carries my essentials.  Chris works in the handbag department of Tommy Hilfiger and it's definitely a perk.  I have this bag in a few colors and LOVE it!


Recently we've starting spiking Noah's hair into a faux hawk.  It started off with Chris just using water. We liked the look of it so much, we decided to get some gel.  We learned from a friend of ours (who's son was born with a full head of hair) that they make an olive oil based gel that's perfect for babies.  Chris made a special trip to the store and picked it up this past weekend.  We've had so many compliments on his hair so far :)  I think it makes him look so grown up now!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I SO remember the Friday night line up! Best. Night. Of. TV. All. Week! Haha.

    PS love your hair cut!


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