The Adventure Starts Here: February Date - Cooking Class

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February Date - Cooking Class

For Christmas, I gave Chris "A Year of Dates".  On Christmas, he opened a stack of envelopes, one for each month of 2014.  Inside the envelopes are pre-planned (and some pre-paid) dates for us to enjoy each month.  At the beginning of each month, we open the envelope and schedule a day to go on the date.   I will be recapping our dates each month.  

For February, our date was to go to a cooking class.  We went to a cooking school in a nearby town called Classic Thyme.   We participated in a class there back in 2011 and really enjoyed it.  I thought it would be fun to try it again and bring back memories from our life when we were newly married.  

The class I signed us up for was an Italian Bootcamp this past Sunday.   Just like the last time we took the class, the recipes are divvied up between the students.  You are then in charge of following the recipe and prepping the ingredients (measuring and cutting).  Then the instructor calls you up by recipe and you, with a lot of her help, demonstrate to the class how to cook it.

The first class we took had maybe 10 people in it and Chris was the only guy.  This class had 18 people in it and was maybe 40% guys :)  We were in charge of making the Penne with Kale Pesto with Walnuts and Parmigiano Reggiano.  We cut up some garlic, zested a lemon, roughly chopped some kale, and measured out the rest of the ingredients.  When she called us up, we cooked the kale and the pasta, and used the food processor to make the pesto.  It was a super easy dish and was really yummy.  The biggest thing would be cleaning the food processor afterwards, but in my opinion it's worth it :)

We also watched the other students make their dishes.  Other than our pasta, I really liked the stuffed chicken thighs, eggplant rollatini, and the apple cake.  I'm not a huge soup person, but this was really yummy.  They put bread at the bottom of the bowl and I've decided that's how I want to eat all of my future soups!


So far we are really enjoying our monthly dates.  This month and March are two of the more expensive dates planned for the year.  Later in the year we will also have some more simple (and cheaper) dates.  

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  1. That sounds so fun! Though I am horrible at cooking so I would be so nervous going up in front of the class!


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