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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Toy Storage

Noah got a lot of toys for Christmas.  Add them to the toys he already has and our small space seemed even smaller.  After we started bringing the toys into our playroom living room., it was starting to look pretty messy. 

I decided to pull everything out and group like items together.  The main categories of Noah's toys include kitchen, cars, figures, music, balls, legos, books, puzzles and his "walking" toys.   We already had a few baskets that I've collected over the years.  Knowing that Noah would be getting new toys at Christmas, I bought these baskets from Land of Nod.  

^^^ I put all of his food and kitchen utensils with the kitchen... I know I'm genius! 

^^^ The rest of his toys get stored in and around our TV stand.  Can you tell that Noah's toys have taken over our apartment?  

^^^all of his cars, trucks, and planes  

^^^all of his books go into this basket I got at Target 

^^^all of Noah's legos and balls went in the bookcase

^^^ and a whole shelf devoted to his musical instruments 

^^^ we keep his puzzles in his bedroom so he can do them at his Ikea table

So there you have it.  Noah's toys still monopolize our living room, but we at least have a system to put everything away now.  Every night, when Chris is giving Noah his bath, I clean up his toys and we start fresh each day with a "clean" living room.  

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