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Monday, January 20, 2014

SAG Fashion

Even though the SAG awards don't get as much hype as the Golden Globes or Oscars, I still enjoy watching the Red Carpet for all the fashion.  There seems to be a few actresses this year that I am really liking their style this season!  Thankfully, some of the actresses that I didn't love at the Golden Globes, looked so much better for the SAG awards (in my opinion).  

My top looks of the night were Lupita Nyong'o in Gucci, Jennifer Lawrence in Dior, and Elizabeth Moss in Michael Kors.  I loved Lupita and Elizabeth at the Golden Globes, but wasn't a fan of Jennifer Lawrence's look.  Since I love Jennifer Lawrence, I was so happy to see her in a better choice.   

While these gowns were a little more muted in color, I loved them just as much!  Jennifer Garner and Sofia Vergara always look amazing.  I wasn't a fan on Kaley Cuoco's Golden Globe gown, but this one I loved!  I've always been a fan of purple, so this was a winner to me!

I thought Tina Fey looked gorgeous and it was so adorable that she brought her daughter!!!

I'm sad to say that I wasn't a fan of Kerry Washington's look again.  She's a beautiful woman and think she could dress her bump much better.  I'm not a fan of the cropped top or the length of her skirt.  

Later that night I saw this post from Rachel Zoe.  She dressed these 4 actresses, so apparently I'm a big fan of Rachel Zoe!

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