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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Project Life - Documenting Life

I've been documenting each year of our life for a while now.  I learned about Becky Higgins Project Life back in 2011, but I was using an online site called Ziblio to create the books.  This past year I switched to using her digital products and creating my pages in Photoshop and then having Shutterfly print my book.   I try to finish the 2 page spread for each week before the next week is over.  I find this way I remember the details more and I don't let it become a huge project to finish at the end of the year. I just got my 2013 book in the mail and I'm in love with it.  I love flipping through the pages and seeing our year contained in a book.  Here's a few of my favorite pages...

I have already started working on my 2014 book.  I'm still using Becky Higgins' digital products, but I find that I've changed my style a bit.  I absolutely love Tracy Larsen's pages!


  1. OH MY GOSH! I'm loving this! I love scrapbooking but rarely (who am I kidding, ever!) have time to do it. I love the Project Life stuff and decided that might be easier for me instead of coming up with pages and having too many pictures. But I LOVE this online Project Life album!!

  2. I love shutterfly! Such a sleek way to save photos and memories!


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