The Adventure Starts Here: Noah is 14 Months!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Noah is 14 Months!

What's New:
Noah can now stand on his own!!!   He isn't walking yet, but he has taken one "step" before falling into my arms to get to me lol.  

Noah loves to wave and clap.  In swim class, he can now put his mouth under water and spit out the water when he comes back up... yay!  Noah also went out in the snow for the first time... and he loved it!

Size 18-24 M clothes.  Size 5 shoes, but I'm about to move up to the Size 6 moccasins.  

Noah is a good eater.  I need to be better with giving him more variety.  I feel like I've fallen into a routine and give him the same thing a lot.  I should definitely spend some more time researching good finger food to give toddlers and start mixing things up.  Suggestions are always welcome.  

11 teeth and counting.   This past month his bottom right molar came in.   Teething is the bane of our existence over here!  He's fine during the day (since he can chew on toys), but at night it really affects him.  We give him motrin and teething tablets, but he still wakes up crying in pain.  One day, the tooth coming through drew blood and a little bit dripped onto his chin... I felt so bad for him!

Still says bababa the most.  He says mama a lot more now, but it's still usually when he's upset.  At least he knows I'm the one who will always be there to save/help him.  When he's not upset, he just calls me "mom"... it's so cute!   He's also started using more consonants.  He can now say nanana, papapa, and dadada.  We aren't sure if he's connected the dada to Chris, but it's still cute to hear him say it.  The other day, he was trying to get Chris' attention and clearly said "dad" :)

Bubble Guppies, walking (using his walker and furniture), and getting into things he shouldn't.  And of course, Noah loves ripping things... paper, magazines, the safety protectors out of the outlets, and the felt Christmas tree off the wall to name a few.    Noah also LOVES his kitchen accessories.  Most of the time you can find him holding a pot, frying pan, spatula, or piece of silverware!

Being told no!  This past month, Noah has started to really have opinions and wants.  And when we don't let him do something (because it's unsafe), he let's us know he's upset.  

This month was really busy.  In addition to our normal activities (MOMS play groups and music class), we did a lot of Christmas related activities.  We went to see Santa, we went on a Santa train, and we took Noah into NYC to see the Rockefeller tree.   We also had a lot of family get togethers for Christmas and December Birthdays!  


  1. He is so cute Meghan! He is going to be walking any time now :) everyone says "look out" and "you'll be on your toes now" but I honestly found it was better when Scarlett started walking, she could get to things on her own and was less frustrated!

  2. He is just so handsome & these pictures are awesome!!!

  3. What a cutie! Little boys are so fun!


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