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Monday, January 13, 2014

Golden Globes Fashion

Last night was the Golden Globes, and I admit that I did not stay up to watch the entire thing.  However, I did watch the red carpet fashion on E! and definitely had some favorites as well as dresses that I didn't care for!

First, let's start with the hosts of the show.  I love Amy Poehler's whole look… hair, makeup and dress! However, I was not a fan of the print on Tina Fey's dress.  I loved the cut of it and think it would have been gorgeous in a solid color.

I absolutely loved the trend of dresses with sleeves and this metallic and sequined look.  Elizabeth Moss looked great, and I love how she gave the finger during the mani cam on E!  And I really think that Olivia Wilde looks absolutely gorgeous pregnant!  And let's not even talk about Camilla Alves… she's stunning and everything looks great on her!

While the next group of actresses may not be household names yet (at least they weren't to me), I thought they looked amazing!  I have learned I'm drawn to the more sleek styles that are classic and simple.

Of course, not all the gowns are winners.  It's a shame, because I am a huge fan of all these actresses.  It really hurts me to put Sandra and Jennifer on this list, but I really didn't like their dresses!  And I know that Drew has a quirkier style, but I thought it had matured recently.  And I guess I should have expected this from Lena… I usually don't like what she wears, and I don't think she really cares!

And as for the men, I really love just a classic tux.  And someone as good looking as Bradley Cooper wearing the tux doesn't hurt either.

And this year, Kevin Bacon's daughter was Miss Golden Globe.  Seriously, could she look any more gorgeous!  I guess that's what happens when those are your parents!

And finally, I just wanted to give a shout out to these beautiful Calvin Klein ensembles.  My husband works for Tommy Hilfiger, and they are both owned by the same parent company (Philips Van Heusen).  I'm sure he will get a list tomorrow of everyone who wore Calvin Klein, but so far, these are my favorites!

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  1. I totally agree with you about Tina Fey's dress -- it doesn't do her justice. I love her, and think she is so funny, so maybe the dress was a joke? And Sandra Bullock's dress? Ek!


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