The Adventure Starts Here: Getting crafty over here!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Getting crafty over here!

I've been having a lot of fun doing some crafts with Noah recently.  Since it's cold out and not always ideal to go out in, I love having indoor activities to do with Noah.  

I'm always looking for fun and easy crafts that we can do with Noah.  I got this idea from Pinterest and couldn't wait to do it!  We originally planned to do this at Christmas with my niece and nephews, but time got away from us.  So instead, Chris and I did it with Noah one Sunday morning.  

^^^ I found a snowflake template online (just googled some images) and cut it out.

^^^ I then used the template and traced it onto black construction paper.  I also added a 1/2 inch border and cut it out.

^^^ I then cut 2 pieces of contact paper to match the size of my construction paper frame.  I just stuck the frame and the snowflake on top of the contact paper.  (The contact paper really brought me back to high school when we had to cover all of our text books!)

^^^ I just took simple tissue paper (I have a bunch on hand for gift bags) and cut squares out.

Noah had a blast playing with the tissue paper squares as well as sticking a few to the contact paper.  We obviously had to help him and make sure they were placed all over for even coverage.

After Noah (with our help) placed all the tissue paper squares on the contact paper, it looked like this.  I then put the second sheet of contact paper on the back to seal it all in.  Flip it over, and it looks like this!

And here's the finished product hanging on our window.  I love how it catches the light!

^^^ Noah admiring his craft

So there you have it.  A relatively simple craft that your little one can do.  I definitely plan on using this technique for other holiday crafts and decorations!


I also wanted to show you how we made Chris' birthday craft.  It was super simple and I love how it turned out. 

First off, I bought this Crayola Mess Free Color Wonder Finger Paint Set.  It comes with the "paint" and the paper that the paint will work on.  Basically, the paints are all clear gel, and when you rub it on the paper, the color shows up.  This is AMAZING for little kids.  

Next, I cut the paper in half (the paper in the box is pretty big).  I printed the number 36 (using Word) in the largest size that would print on one piece of paper.  Then I cut out the number and stuck it to the paper using double sided tape.  Then Noah just finger painted all over the piece of paper.  Noah got the hand of sticking his finger in the gel, but he didn't quite grasp the idea of then rubbing it on the paper.  I just helped him rub different colors on the paper.  

Once it was dry, I removed the 36 and was left with this pretty masterpiece :)

I love doing crafts with Noah.  While he needs a lot of help and it can sometimes get messy, I definitely think it's good to do these hand on activities with him.

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  1. Love that snowflake! Liam would probably love playing with tissue paper, although he's much too busy to sit for a craft. It's worth a try though!

  2. Holy cow! I can't believe Noah made that! If I tried that, I think Mason would just eat the tissue paper! LOL. It turned out GREAT!


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