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Friday, January 31, 2014

Five on Friday

I can't believe it's the last day of January.  Time has been going by so quickly now that I'm home with Noah.  The days can sometimes be long, but the weeks and months go by way too fast!  Anyway, I'm here today with another Five on Friday!


My younger brother, Luke, came home for a visit last weekend.  We spent Saturday morning at my parents' house hanging out with him. We also went to dinner with him and my parents Saturday night.  It was really nice getting to see him without the craziness of a holiday!  Since he's moved to Rhode Island, he's come home for Noah's birthday and Christmas.  Both were very busy, so we didn't get much time to just hang out.

^^^ drinking orange juice together… cracks me up!


I LOVE the weekends!  Not only is it great to spend time as a family, but Chris gets up with Noah and lets me sleep in.  I know, I married a winner!  They get their one on one time and I get some extra sleep.  Whenever I come out, Chris always has at least a couple of pictures he's taken of Noah playing.  


I definitely prefer the days where Noah and I get out of the apartment, even if it's just for a little while.  This week we had some play dates and met up with friends for lunch.  It definitely helps us stay sane during this cold weather!


Ever since Noah figured out how to open our front door, we've been scared that he is going to get his fingers stuck and really hurt himself.  It's one of those doors that automatically unlocks when you pull the handle.  So we asked maintenance to install a deadbolt and we finally got it on Wednesday!  Noah was very interested and wouldn't take his eyes off them installing it!


Noah got a new toy kitchen!  The Fisher Price kitchen he got for Christmas kept collapsing.  The bottom part would cave in whenever he pushed on it.  After "fixing" it numerous times, we decided it's not worth it.  Instead, we are returning it (I think it might be defective) and we got the Ikea play kitchen instead!  It took a long time, but we (98% Chris) were able to put the base of it together last night.  We plan to assemble the hutch tonight.

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  1. Ikea has a kitchen?! I'm going to check that out right now! We don't necessarily have room for one, but I've been dying to get Mason one so if I can convince my husband it is cheap....

  2. These are great pictures from last weekend! I'm glad I was able to make it down for a visit. And Noah's adorable as always :)


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