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Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday


I am so excited that we booked a trip to Miami, Florida for the end of February.  The three of us are going for my 30th Birthday and I really can't wait to go somewhere warm for a few days!  We originally talked about having a party to celebrate, but we/I decided I'd prefer to spend the money on a trip just the three of us.    We already booked our flights, hotel, rental car, and even got some dinner reservations!   If anyone has any suggestions for activities to do with a little kid down there (other than the pool and beach) I'd love some recommendations :)

^^^ the view of the pool and beach from our hotel :)


Since we are going to Florida, we need to get the summer clothes back from storage (my parents' basement).  However, Noah no longer fits in his summer clothes.  Thank goodness for "cruise wear" that many stores carry now!  My mom ordered Noah a bunch of bathing suits and shorts, and I got him a few tshirts from Carters :)

^^^ I'm loving this cute sweatshirt in case the evenings are chilly!


I have been inspired by Leah and started doing more purposeful play with Noah.  While I don't have a set time with "lessons", I have been trying to read more books and sing more songs to him  throughout the day.  This week Leah was doing farm animals.  So whenever we would read a book with animals, I would say the name and then make the sound.  I would do the same when he would play with his farm animal toys and puzzles.  I was actually surprised with how many of his toys are farm animals.  He isn't repeating any sounds (he is only 14 months), but I figure repetition helps :)


This week I made these yummy Apple Zucchini Muffins (courtesy of Erinn).  It's the second time I've made them and they are seriously a hit!  My parents love them, so when I make them I end up giving a dozen to them, since we can't eat 24 muffins on our own.  Noah loves them too, and I love that he's eating apple and zucchini :)


With Valentine's Day less than a month away, we are starting to get into the spirt of hearts and love!  I've started dressing Noah in his cute Valentine's Day shirts and we are going shopping today for supplies to make some heart garland :)

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  1. How exciting a trip to Miami!! I hope you guys have a blast.. It will be warm there :) I found your blog through the link up..

  2. Those muffins look delicious!! And that trip sounds fantastic!

  3. That trip sounds wonderful! Have a great time!!

  4. WHAT A CUTIE!!! Jackson has that heart breaker t-shirt too -- love it!

    And are you kidding me?! Miami for your 30th?! That's the way to do it! We're headed to Rosemary Beach (near Panama City) again in May and I am beyond excited!

    So glad you said hello today so I could stop by!!


  5. Five on Friday sounds like a great blog hop. I'll need to join next week. In the meantime, it's nice to meet you. It sounds like you'll have a wonderful time in Florida. I tried planning a vacation in Tampa two years ago that fell through. They have a Legoland there, but I don't think it will be close enough to you. In any case, I'm sure there is much to see and do in Miami. You're little one already looks set for the beach. Enjoy the anticipation...(sometimes dreaming about the trip is just as fun as the trip itself!)


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