The Adventure Starts Here: First Snow Day of 2014!

Monday, January 6, 2014

First Snow Day of 2014!

We had another snow day here in New Jersey on Friday.  The storm started Thursday night, and they were already calling for a state of emergency.  Chris' office had a delayed opening, but he decided to work from home.  After Noah's nap, when the sun came out, we took Noah out to play in it.  We didn't stay out long since it was SUPER cold and kind of windy.  But Chris dragged him around on the sled, showed him how to make snow angels, and I showed him what snow looked like (and put a little on his nose so he'd know what it felt like too).  I'm so glad Chris and I got snow pants for Christmas!  

Noah's snow suit is Gap, but apparently sold out 

Chris also decided it had been too long since he last threw Noah up in the air.  When he looked at these pictures afterwards he was shocked at how high he got him!  I included the last picture to put Grandma and Grammy at ease that Chris did catch him ;)

On a side note… taking pictures in the snow can be hard.  Anytime there is a lot of white in the background of an image (like snow), the exposure will be too dark.  This is because the camera sees all the white and makes it gray.  Then anything gray goes black, and it's underexposed.  If you shoot manually, you can fix this by fudging the metering.  You can stick your own hand in front of the camera, meter on that, and then take the picture of your subject.  However, if you get back inside and realize the problem after the fact, you can also do some post editing in Photoshop.  I used the Camera Raw editing section and corrected the white balance and adjusted the exposure slightly and came out with this.  See how the snow is now white instead of a blueish gray and Noah's face is actually lit now?  Pretty easy and cool :)

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