The Adventure Starts Here: 13 & 14 Month Favorites

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

13 & 14 Month Favorites

Considering that Noah is almost 15 months old, I thought I should post about his 13 & 14 month favorites.  

Right now, Noah is really into everything kitchen related.  I guess it's because that's what he sees all day, so he wants to imitate us.  He also loves his Dyson toy vacuum.  Whenever either of us vacuum, he wants to vacuum along next to us.  In addition to the walker, he uses the vacuum to help him stand.  In music class, Noah gets to use a lot of fun instruments.  One of his favorite was the bells.  He also loves the rain maker and his glockenspiel.  Finally, Noah loves to read.  Not only do we read before bed, but he has a basket full of books that he flips through during the day.  He especially likes touch and feel books like this Peter Rabbit book.   In addition to these toys, Noah is a huge fan of card board boxes and paper.  He will ignore a toy if it means he can rip up some wrapping paper or even a magazine.  Like most toddlers, he has more fun playing with the box that the toy came in :)

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