The Adventure Starts Here: Stockings!

Thursday, December 5, 2013


My mom (aka Santa) has always been great at stuffing our stockings.   But who am I kidding, she's really good at making Christmas in general really fun and special.  With her as an example, I tend to have fun coming up with ideas for stockings.  I usually think kids' stockings are easier, but I've had some fun thinking of ideas for Chris as well.  And just in case Chris can't come up with ideas for my stocking, I've included some things I'd be interested in as well.  

Earrings - these from Kate Spade are reasonably priced and would be a nice addition to a stocking. 

Spatula - I personally think that the stocking is a good place for some practical things that seem silly to wrap.  And I'm always looking for new kitchen gadgets.  

Lotion and Chapstick - Again, here's more practical things.  I always need backups of these two, so it's nice to get some at Christmas.   And yes, the lotion is technically the Men's lotion.  But I found out it's the exact same as the women's but I prefer this convenient squeeze bottle!

Gloves - This works for men and women.  I personally like the "glittens" and I think these "smart phone" gloves would be perfect for any guy on your list.  

Socks - this also works for men and women.  Who doesn't need new socks every once in a while.  You can go the basic route and just replace their regular athletic or dress socks, or you can have fun with it and get some cute patterned ones like these.  

Headphones - Since Chris uses headphones every day on the train, he needs a few backups for when they stop working.  In the past he's gone the "cheap" route and ordered them from China.  But even he will admit that they don't work nearly as well as the actual Apple ones.  

Pez - I personally think this would be good in a child or adult's stocking.  Find a character that suits their personality and watch them get excited to load it up and eat candy all morning :)

Bells and Rainmaker - Noah is really into music.  We use these in his music class and he loves them!  These are the perfect size for the stocking, so you can bet he will be getting these on Christmas morning.

Bath tub crayons - Noah will definitely be getting these in his stocking.  I love the idea of letting them "draw on the walls" during bath time!

Any other ideas... I'm always looking for new stocking stuffers!

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  1. haha I love that you made one for Chris ;) Growing up, stocking were a HUGE deal for my husband's family (it was the first thing they opened) and chapsticks and toothbrushes in my family. We are still trying to find a compromise on how to treat them!


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