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Monday, December 9, 2013

Santa Train

This weekend we took Noah on a "Santa Train".  It was a 45 minute round trip train ride from Whippany to Roseland.  The main event of course was that Santa would be making an appearance on the train.  We booked these tickets a while ago, when we still had the expectation that Noah would love Santa.  Since we learned that Noah is not Santa's biggest fan, we were a little nervous how it would go.  We decided to still go, hoping that the actual Santa part would be only a few minutes out of the entire train ride.  I'm so glad we did... Noah had a blast!  And while Noah didn't want to have his picture with Santa, I consider it a success that he didn't cry when he saw them.  Instead he just kept a close eye on him to make sure no funny business was going on.

^^^ waiting to board the train

^^^ Noah super excited that we let him hold the tickets

^^^ Not the best picture (since it's blurry and the guy behind us is semi photobombing) but it's the only family one we got

Noah spent the majority of the train ride wanting to play with the christmas ornament and garland.

^^^ looks like Noah is super excited for the cookie we got him

^^^ Santa is here!!! 

Noah isn't a huge fan of Santa, but he seems to love clowns... go figure 

^^^ all the kids were given a little snowman stuffed animal as a treat

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