The Adventure Starts Here: Santa is on his way!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Santa is on his way!

Can you believe it's already Christmas Eve and Santa comes tonight!  We will be pretty busy this week spending time with family and doing lots of Christmas activities.  But I wanted to drop by really quickly with some pictures of Noah with Santa.

Last year we didn't take Noah to visit Santa since he was so small and I was worried about all the germs.  So this year was going to be the first time Noah met Santa.  I had high hopes and planned many activities where Noah would meet St. Nick, thinking I would have tons of photos to show of it.

His first experience did not go as we anticipated.  Noah is a pretty calm, yet curious child.  We weren't worried about him crying, but rather that he would just stare at Santa (not look at the camera) and possibly even pull his beard.  But children will ALWAYS surprise you!

The photographer who took our maternity photos was having Santa come to her studio, so you could have your picture taken with Santa without having to wait in the long lines at the mall... it sounded perfect.  As soon as I tried to put Noah on Santa's lap, he FREAKED out!  So obviously I picked him up and thought he'd calm down immediately.  But after that initial shock, he didn't want to be anywhere near Santa.  We had to leave the room completely and then he was fine.  A friend of ours also came for the pictures, so we thought Noah might be okay if he saw his friend sit on Santa's lap... not so.

We were about to give up and leave, but the photographer said let's give it one more try.  This time I held Noah (away from Santa), she sang songs to Noah (how amazing is that?), and we ended up with this shot :)  Considering the circumstances, I am beyond happy with this picture.  If you didn't know the back story you wouldn't even know that Noah had just been crying!

After the "incident", I still persevered and brought Noah to the mall Santa during the week when it wasn't busy, to give it another shot.  He was fine while we were in line, but as soon as we got up to Santa he started hugging me.  And when Santa said hi, he lost it!  So we left right away.

Later that week, there was a Santa at the MOMS Club Christmas Party.   I expected a negative reaction so I had no intention of getting a picture of Noah with him.  However, I helped plan this party, so I was taking pictures of Santa's arrival.  I was holding Noah while taking the pictures, and he started crying and got very clingy as soon as Santa got there.  

Thankfully, when we went on the Santa Train, Noah didn't cry at the sight of Santa.  He was still hesitant and stayed close to us, but we consider this a huge improvement.

The good news is that even though Noah wouldn't go sit on Santa's lap, Santa will still be visiting our apartment tonight and bringing Noah lots of gifts  ;)

Merry Christmas!  

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