The Adventure Starts Here: Rockefeller Tree - Our Fun Family Day in NYC

Monday, December 16, 2013

Rockefeller Tree - Our Fun Family Day in NYC

Chris took off from work last Friday and we spent the day as a family.  I truly love these days where we take Noah on new adventures and get to spend the entire day together.  We started the day by going to our music class at Wompy's.  We just started the new winter session, and since Chris came with us, we were able to get a bunch of pictures of both Noah and I participating in class.  

Immediately following class, we drove into NYC.  We hoped that Noah would nap in the car so he'd be ready to go for our busy day in the city.  Noah slept for the last half of the car ride... I wish it was longer, but it was still okay :).   Chris works over by Chelsea Piers (near the High Line), so we parked a few blocks away from his office and walked over.  It was definitely cold (and windy), so we dressed warmly and walked fast ;)  Chris works with all women, and they all LOVED him!  It was really nice to meet his co-workers and finally put a face to the people that I hear about on a regular basis.  

We then stopped for lunch at a place called Half King (It's right by the stairs to the High Line on the corner of 23rd and 10th).  Chris is a huge fan of soft pretzels, and is ALWAYS disappointed with them when he gets them at sporting events, street vendors, etc.  So when he saw that they had a Soft Pretzel appetizer as a special, he immediately wanted to get it.  Thankfully, this one didn't disappoint!  Noah was even impressed at the presentation of the dish ;)  

^^^ Sorry for the blurry picture... it was the only one where he was looking!

After lunch, we got our car, and moved to a parking garage closer to Rockefeller Center.  Since it was so cold out and we had Noah, we knew we didn't want to walk all the way over to the tree and then have to go all the way back when it was dark.  And since we are not "city" people, I am really not comfortable taking a cab with Noah and not having a car seat.   In the past, I've always liked going to see the tree when it's dark.  We got to the tree around 3 pm, so it obviously wasn't dark yet, but I honestly didn't mind.  There are "professionals" offering to take your picture for a fee, but we decided to just take our own and ask the kind strangers around us to take a few family shots.  Noah just loved staring at the massive tree, the lights, and all the people around him!

^^^ I love how Noah is looking at me in this second picture :) 

^^^ Noah was amazed by the size of the tree!

Then we went over to watch the ice skaters at the rink.   It really is so much fun as a parent to witness your child experience new things.  Noah really is such an observer and I love to watch him stare at things in amazement.  

^^^A man was nice enough to offer to take a family picture of us.  And he said he had the same camera as us... Bonus!

After seeing the Tree, we decided to head home.  On our way back to the parking garage, we stopped at some of the traditional Christmas decorations.   Noah liked the Lego Santa, but I think he was over the cold and couldn't really care less about posing for pictures in front of the giant ornaments and lights.  (Side note: I'm so glad we decided to put Noah in his snow suit after lunch (thanks Grandma for the idea) so that he'd be warmer when we were at the tree!) 

As usual, Noah was a real trooper and does so well whenever we go out on our little adventures.  As soon as we got in the car, he had a bottle and fell asleep!    

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