The Adventure Starts Here: Noah is 13 Months!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Noah is 13 Months!

Now that Noah has turned 1, I decided to do monthly updates instead of weekly.  

What's New:
We moved Noah's car seat forward facing!  I know they advise to wait longer these days, but Noah is a big kid for his age (basically the size of an 18 month or even 2 year old!).  He really loves being able to see the world when we go on trips now.  

Noah also got his first haircut this month!  He really just needed the back cleaned up.  

He still isn't standing on his own or walking, but he's getting close!  

As of November 18th, Noah's official weight is 26 pounds from his 1 year checkup and he's 32 inches tall.  That means he's in the 96th percentile for weight and 98th percentile for height.  He wears a mix of 12-18 and 18-24 month size clothes.   He wears size 5 in his Freshly Picked Moccasins... I definitely plan to get the size 6 when he needs them!

He's started eating more "real food" now.  I still give him the pouches to make sure he gets enough veggies.  He now will eat chicken, pot roast, pasta, meatballs, green beans, grapes, bananas, oranges, peaches, pears, grilled cheese, french fries, mac and cheese, scrambled eggs, and pretzels.   While this is Noah's 2nd Thanksgiving, this was the first one where he actually got to eat some table food at it!  

^^^Noah has also completely switched to whole milk and loves holding his bottle all by himself now!

Noah has 10 teeth total.  The 4 front on top and 4 front on bottom.  He also has the two top molars and the bottom ones look like they should bust through any minute!

Noah says Ba Ba Ba constantly!  He has full conversations by saying it more or less times and with different inflections.  Noah said "Mama" for the first time!  Most of the time he says it when he's sad and wants me, but it's starting to become a more regular thing.  Now we are working on getting him to say "Dada".   Even though he isn't talking much, he really understands a lot!  I can ask him for peek-a-boos, and he will start playing it immediately!  And when I sing "If You're Happy and You Know It" and he will clap along.  

The remote, balloons, cruising, the list goes on and on.    Currently, he really loves his kitchen utensils. Most of the time you can find him holding onto a pot or spatula.  It's amazing how long he will hold onto them!  

^^^ he also enjoys ripping up magazines.  I can't have paper near him unless I want it torn to shreds!

Diaper changes!  He now twists his body around trying to get on his stomach.  It's definitely not easy changing him or getting him dressed now!  He also doesn't like when you take a toy away from him or tell him he can't do something.  If you hear him cry, it's usually because we've removed him from an unsafe area.  

Anywhere and everywhere I go!  We have a weekly play date with the MOMS club, Music class on Fridays, Swim class on Saturdays, and we try to meet up with friends or Grandma during the week as well.  

I'm once again linking up with Leah and Emily for Mommy and Me Monday!  

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