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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Cheer - O Christmas Tree

Since Chris and I have been married, we've lived in an apartment.  While some people in our building do put a big Christmas tree up, we always put up this little 4 foot tree.  If I remember correctly, I got this potted artificial tree from Home Depot or Target when I was in college.  It's pre lit and super easy to put up every year.  Before Noah, we had the Christmas tree on the ground with our wrapped gifts underneath it, but now we put it on our kitchen table where Noah can't touch it.  Even though it's little, I still love it!  There really isn't room for the traditional colored ball ornaments, so instead all the ornaments we hang all have special meaning to us.

^^^These are the ornaments we were given when we got engaged (2009) and then married (2010).

^^^ When Chris and I travel, we like to get an ornament as a souvenir.  We got these from San Francisco (2011) and Italy (Honeymoon in 2010).

^^^ When Noah was born, we were given a few Baby's 1st Christmas Ornaments (from Noah's Grandma, Grammy, and Great Gram).

^^^ And last year we got a few new "family" ornaments.  And we use the Santa ornament as our tree topper :)

And of course, I couldn't help but get a few new ones this year as well!

So there you have it!  This is our little Christmas Tree that we love so much!   I figure this will become Noah's Christmas Tree next year when we have the space for a full size tree.  In the meantime, Noah has his own little felt tree.  Last I mentioned the tree, it was down because Noah kept pulling it off the wall.  I got some more adhesive tape and we are back in business... at least for now!

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