The Adventure Starts Here: Holiday Cheer - Merry Mantel

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Cheer - Merry Mantel

There are a few things about apartment living that I'm ready to be done with.  There are the obvious things, but when it comes time to holiday decorating, I really find myself missing a fireplace and mantel.  I have always loved changing up decorations based on the season and holiday, and before having Noah I was still able to go all out and decorate.  I'd use the side table, coffee, table, put out different throw pillows, etc.  But since he gets into everything, I don't really have that luxury anymore.  I would love to have a mantel that is high up enough where he can't reach and destroy.  So until we move (hopefully next Summer), I will be making do and decorating any way I can.  Suggestions are always welcome :)

So to make do without a mantel, I instead use shelves and other pieces of furniture to get my holiday fix in.  And because of Noah, unless it's up high, the decorations need to remain in the part of the living room that we've barricaded off from him.

The sofa table (in the barricaded area) acts as our mantle and I hang our stockings there.  (The sofa table is also where I store a lot of craft supplies, so don't mind the boxes behind the stockings.)   I got the star stocking hangers from Crate and Barrel during an after Christmas sale a few years back and my mom got us the personalized stockings from Pottery Barn.

Next up, I use our floating shelves to display our Willow Tree Nativity Set.  It has to go on the highest shelf so the tall figurines will fit.   I love having the mix of fun colorful decorations mixed with this subdued religious set... brings both aspects of Christmas together!

I also decided to decorate around the apartment in other small ways.  When you enter our apartment, you see this welcome sign.  The hanging decorations are changed out each month, and I love the December set!

I also decided to put some multi-colored lights on our bulletin board.  Currently it still has Noah's Thanksgiving crafts and birthday invitation on it, but hopefully it will soon display all the Christmas cards we receive. You can even see our Christmas card hanging there!  

And finally, sitting next to our mini tree (which is on our kitchen table!), we have this basket filled with the 24 wrapped Christmas books that we are giving Noah each night until Christmas!  I love this basket (from Target) and plan to use it for Noah's toys after Christmas.  

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  1. I love how you hung your stockings! So clever!! ;)

  2. Very pretty! And I LOVE your stockings of course : ) Twins!


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