The Adventure Starts Here: Happy Birthday Chris!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Chris!

Wishing my amazing husband a very happy birthday!  He turns 36 today, but we've been celebrating his birthday for the past few days.  

^^^ Noah (with my help) made this little piece of artwork for Daddy.  I plan on doing a post on some of our recent crafts soon, including this one.  

We celebrated Chris' birthday with my parents this past Thursday.  We went to dinner at Olive Lucy's... we finally took my parents!  We've been there a bunch of times, that now the hostess and waitresses remember Noah!  The food was delicious and my parents said it was their favorite place we've taken them to in Morristown!  

We celebrated Chris' birthday with his family last night.  Chris' dad's birthday is on December 27th, so we usually celebrate their birthdays together as well.  This year, we went for a nice Italian dinner at Alfie's (where we also had our rehearsal dinner).  

Today, we will be celebrating Chris' birthday just the three of us.  Noah and I are taking Chris out for a birthday dinner at Jose Tejas and will just enjoy spending time with this amazing guy!  We also got him a few gifts.  Originally, one of his gifts was tickets to the Rangers vs. Devils outside hockey game (at Yankees Stadium) with some friends.  But apparently the price of tickets is insane, so now Chris said his gift can just be "tickets to a sporting event".    

Happy Birthday Chris!  We love you!

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