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Friday, December 13, 2013

Five on Friday


We are definitely in the Christmas spirit over here.  During the day we listen to Christmas music non stop, we watched the Bubble Guppies Christmas episode "Happy Holidays Mr. Grumpfish", we read Christmas books every night, and it has even taken over his bath!


Noah now has his own little table!  We took a trip to Ikea with my mom and she ended up getting Noah the very popular LATT table as an early Christmas gift.  It's the perfect size for Noah and you really can't beat the price.   We set it up in his room and so far he likes to do his puzzles in here and "read" his books.   I know a lot of people stain or paint the wood, but for right now we are keeping it au natural :)


I mentioned our Christmas Book "Advent" that we are doing with Noah in last week's Friday Five.  We don't actually have 24 books for Noah to open each night.  On nights when we both aren't home to do bedtime, we skip the book.  But we also decided to throw a few non-book presents into the mix.  This week, Noah opened his Little People Nativity.  He's already played with the set when we were at Grandma and Grandpa's, so I knew he'd like it.  Turns out he enjoyed playing with the box more than the figures.  Such is life with a 1 year old ;)


I did a post on the Push Pin Map that I made a while ago.  Unfortunately, the cork that I stuck to the frame (using 3M tape) came right off a little over a week ago.  It left a little chunk of cork behind, so I wasn't able (or wanting) to hang it right back up the way it was.  When I originally was doing the project, I wanted the look of a real frame versus a normal cork board (cork boards that are large and nice are not cheap).  This time, I just want it to last and not fall apart.  I ended up finding this cork board at the Container Store and we now have version 2 hanging on the wall.    I did have to trim the map a bit to fit the new cork board (apparently the measurements were for the entire frame and not the inside lol).  But I have to say that I think I actually prefer this to the original!


Today, Chris and I are taking Noah into NYC.  We are going to stop by Chris' office and have Noah meet a bunch of daddy's coworkers.  The main reason for our trip is to see the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center.  Chris and I used to go every year (had to skip last year), and I'm excited to get a picture of our family in front of the tree. 

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Christmas is so much more fun with kids, isn't it?? Hope you made it up to the tree!


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