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Friday, December 6, 2013

Five on Friday

I didn't really plan it, but my list seem very Christmas themed today.  I guess that's bound to happen once December hits!


So while we decorated some real artificial trees at our parents's houses and put up a small tree in our apartment, I decided to make Noah a tree that's all his own!  I found this on Pinterest and decided it would be easy enough to make (I'm really not crafty).  Noah loves playing with it.  Not only does he love to take all the ornaments down, he also likes to pull the tree off the wall.  At first I  had no problem just sticking it back up, but then he started ripping off the 3M sticky tape as well!  So right now the tree is not up, but we do plan to put it back up once I get more tape.


We aren't doing a traditional advent calendar with Noah this year because I think he's a little too young still.  Instead, I decided to steal the idea of wrapping up some Christmas books and unwrapping one each night to read before bed.  I bought the basket at Target and I think it looks so cute next to our mini tree!

^^^ on the first night, Noah got "Llama Llama Holiday Drama"
and a Llama stuffed animal... he loved it!


I got this hat for Christmas 2011!  Of course, winter 2012 was a super mild one, and I never had the opportunity to wear it.  Then this past winter, I didn't go out much since Noah was only 2-3 months old and I was avoiding the super cold as much as I could.  So this year, I decided to pull the hat out and start wearing it!  I figured, why should Noah be the only one having fun with cute hats?!  Apparently Noah thought it was pretty funny that Mommy had a hat on like him inside ;)

^^^ I even wore it while putting the lights up outside


I found this Jingle Bell Garland at Pottery Barn Kids, and thought Noah would like this (he loves bells).  Just as I suspected, he had a blast playing with them.   Unfortunately, since they are meant to be garland and not a toy, the bells came off pretty easily, and I decided to take it away from him.  I can't decide whether to return them or save for when we actually have a mantel to decorate.  


Noah and I had our MOMS Club Holiday Party yesterday.  I helped plan the party, and I have to say it went really well.  We had tons of appetizers and desserts (thanks to the moms) and we ordered in some pizza.  We also had a craft for the kids to do and had Christmas music playing the background.  At the end of the party, Santa (one of the amazing dads) came to say hi to the children.  Noah had a blast... well until Santa arrived and Noah cried!

^^^ I found the foam ornaments and stockings in the dollar bins at Target.  I found the sparkly stickers at the Dollar Store.

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  1. I made a felt Christmas tree too, and it's been a challenge keeping it stuck to the wall! Hoping I figure something out soon because my little one loves it!

  2. his own little tree! how cute.

  3. Love the felt tree and the bell garland! So fun!


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