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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Wish List - Toddlers

I'm back again with another Christmas Wish List.  This week I'm discussing some cute gifts for babies/toddlers.  Even though Noah just got a bunch of toys and gifts for his birthday, I'm excited to get him some more things for Christmas.  I think he will enjoy the wrapping paper the most.

I think Noah will be getting this blue kitchen for Christmas this year from Santa (wink wink).  My parents have a pink one at their house from when my niece, Kaitlyn was little.   Noah loves playing with it while there and his favorite toys to carry around right now are spatulas, pots and pans, and utensils.  I think he will absolutely love having the kitchen at our place!  I also saw that Fisher Price makes a bunch of other food related toys.  I think the BBQ set and the Cash Register toy are adorable too!

Noah has really started to enjoy bath time now, so I think he would like having some more toys.  The cups are simple, but he really does like filling them up and then pouring them out.  And just like for his birthday, I still think he will like puzzles and little cars to play with.  I really do love that at this age, toys are more gender neutral.

Noah already has this red car, but I have to say it is a huge hit!  We had it out during his birthday party, and every kid wanted to play in it the entire time... even the walkers!  While he won't use the lawn mower until the summer, I have it on my list since he doesn't really have a gift giving holiday in the summer months.  I've been told that Noah might be getting this Pottery Barn chair as well.  We ended up going with the solid blue, but I was definitely considering the fun multi colored madras as well as the classic navy gingham.  

In addition to the toys, I think clothes are great Christmas gifts.  I am in love with the fair isle sweaters for both boys and girls... so classically winter!  And since foxes are so "in" right now, I thought this shirt would be fun to add to Noah's collection.  And, based on the Gap website, these pajamas are suitable for both girls and boys!  While Noah has a TON of Christmas PJs, I also enjoy having more "winter" pajamas for him to wear in January and February.  

snowflake shirt | pink sweater
gray stripe pjs | polar bear pjs | multicolor stripe pjs
fox shirt | fair isle sweater | mittens

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