The Adventure Starts Here: Christmas Day Attire

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Day Attire

I'm so excited for Christmas this year!  My brother and his family are coming down today and staying for the week, so Noah will get to spend a lot of time with his cousins.  That means we will get to do a lot of fun "traditions" with the little kids (including Noah)!!!  We will have Christmas Eve Dinner with my family.  The 4 grandkids/cousins will then get in their matching PJs and watch Elmo's Countdown to Christmas.  On Christmas day, after seeing what Santa brought to our house, we will go back to my parent's house to open gifts with my parents and brothers.  In the afternoon, we are heading over to Chris' parents' house to do presents and dinner with his family.  It will be busy but a lot of fun.  I had a lot of fun planning out Noah's outfits :)

Reindeer sweater | Gray Pants | PJs | Red sweater | Cords | Plaid Shirt | Jeans

And I couldn't help but look at the girls' selection.  My niece (who's 6) has now outgrown the toddler section, but I'm sure she will have some super cute outfits to wear over Christmas as well.

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