The Adventure Starts Here: Trick or Treat (Mommy & Me Monday)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Trick or Treat (Mommy & Me Monday)

We've had a very fun weekend celebrating Noah's 1st Birthday.  A friend of mine did me a huge favor and took pictures during the party so that I could enjoy the party (and be in the pictures).  So once I get them from her I will be doing a big birthday party recap.  Today I want to recap Noah's 1st Halloween!

^^^ Noah is either pretending to be a zombie or wants out of the chair

Noah dressed up as a cute little pumpkin.  Last week, my friend Kristen (the same person who took pictures at Noah's party) took some pictures of Noah in his Pumpkin costume.  I haven't even seen them all, but so far I love all of them.  I'm so glad I got some pictures of him in his costume without all the craziness of the actual holiday.

We kept it pretty low key on actual Halloween and didn't actually go trick or treating like the title of the blog post might imply.  Instead, we just made a few stops, showing off Noah as a pumpkin. We stopped by the dentist where Grammy works and all her co-workers oohed and aahed.

^^^ he even got a toothbrush and a toy while there!

Next, we stopped by Chris' friend's house and got a picture of Noah and Kora.

We swung by to see Grandpa and took a few pictures.  

^^^ Chris even dressed up this year... Clark Kent aka Superman!

Finally, we went to my parents' house where we spent the rest of the day getting ready for Noah's party.  Grandma made sure to leave some time to play with some trucks :)

Even though Halloween was over, the kids all dressed up for our Friday Music Class.  Since Chris was home to help out with party preparations, he came with us to class.

^^^ I dressed up as a cat

We had a fantastic Halloween.  I'm sort of sad to say that this is Noah's last first holiday.  I can't even imagine how different he will be next Halloween!

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