The Adventure Starts Here: Noah's First Haircut! (Mommy & Me Monday)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Noah's First Haircut! (Mommy & Me Monday)

Noah had his FIRST haircut on Saturday.  While Noah really doesn't have any hair up top and in front, it was getting pretty long in the back.  And it didn't have enough curl to bounce up, instead it just looked like he had a lot of bad hair days.  My hairdresser recommended we go to this place in town that specializes in kids' haircuts.  They even have little cars for the kids to sit in!  It only took 5 minutes, and when we were done, they gave us a certificate documenting Noah's First Haircut with a little bag of his hair attached!  (Sorry the pictures aren't that great... we just used our iPhone)

^^^ here you can see how it's short in the back now too 

In addition to the certificate that the hair dresser gave us, we decided to save some of his hair as well.  When Noah was born, we were given these little decorative boxes.  One holds his hospital bracelet, this one holds his first curl, and the last will hold his first tooth.  

I have to admit that I had mixed feelings after it was all over.  While I think he looks so adorable with his shorter hair, it really makes him look like a little boy now instead of a baby.  I will miss stroking his hair when I rock him to sleep.  My baby is officially growing up!

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