The Adventure Starts Here: Noah's First Birthday Party

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Noah's First Birthday Party

Noah turned 1 on Saturday, and we also had his birthday party that afternoon.  We made sure to make the morning just as special for him even though we were getting ready for his party.  

We had the party at my parents' house, since their house can accommodate more than 5 people (like our apartment).   I spent a lot of time planning out the food, decorations, and all the other little details that go into a home party.   (I will be doing a post later this week going into detail about some of the DIY projects I did for his party.)

We invited our immediate family as well as our close friends.   A few of our friends have kids, so it was a nice mix of adults and kids (for Noah to play with).

When guests arrived they dropped off their gifts for Noah (boy did Noah get spoiled!) and left a note in Noah's sign in book.

We had pictures of Noah hung on the mantel using a banner I found on Etsy.


We had toys set up in the living room for the kids to play with as well.   

I also made a little photo backdrop out of balloons and streamers.  I thought it would be used more, but with so much going on, we really didn't get to take pictures in front of it until after the party was over.  And we really only got these four!  Live and learn.

For lunch, we brought in food from one of our favorite restaurants in Morristown, Guerriero's.  We got pasta, meatballs, and chicken cacciatore... it was all delicious!

After lunch, my dad brought out his guitar and and sang some songs with the little kids.  Meanwhile, the adults got to chat and mingle.

Finally, it was time for cake!  My in-laws picked up this amazing cake from Natale's (in Summit).  We had cake from there for our rehearsal dinner and my baby shower... we keep coming back for more!

Then it was time for Noah to get messy eating cake!  I gave him a white cupcake with vanilla icing so that it didn't get out of hand.  As you can see from below, he liked it!

^^^ the aftermath!

Not only did we have cake and cupcakes, but we also set up an ice cream sundae bar.  I could say it was for the kids, but let's get real... what adult doesn't love a good ice cream sundae!?!  This was the hit of the party... there was literally a line for it!

Since Noah was now a mess from his cake, we changed him into his new birthday shirt.  Our friend, Ken, designed and printed this shirt for him.  We were shocked when Ken showed up wearing a version of the shirt himself!

And of course no party would be complete without taking pictures with some friends!

^^^ some friends from UDel!

^^^ I'm shocked Noah still looked so happy... we were getting into nap time at this point!

^^^ my best friend since Middle School!

And every little kid left with an amazing goodie bag, courtesy of my Mom!  She really gets into making these and does them for all the grandkids' parties!

Noah immediately went down for a nap after the party, but when he woke up we opened some presents.  Here are some of the gifts my parents got him :)

^^^ My little brother came home for the weekend (he had just started a new job in Rhode Island last Monday!).  I'm so glad I got a picture of the two of them, even if it was after the party ended!

I just want to give a HUGE thank you to my friend, Kristen, for taking almost ALL (the good ones) of these pictures at the party!  And she told me these are just a sneak preview of what she took!  I can't wait to see the rest!

As you can see, we had a lot of fun throwing this party for Noah!  I can't believe that my little baby is now ONE!  


  1. Happy first birthday, Noah!! You did a great job with his party!! It's awesome how they tolerate missing naps when there is so much going on, hey!? Glad you guys had a great day!!

  2. Happy birthday big man! Looks like a wonderful party! I love that your friend wore the skirt too, too cute!

  3. Happy Birthday to your little guy! My son just turned one in September and we did a little nautical theme, too! New follower and added you to my bloglovin' feed! -Andrea


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