The Adventure Starts Here: Happy 12 Months Noah

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy 12 Months Noah

Noah is officially 1 today!  Not only is it his birthday, but today is his party.  I'm exhausted getting everything ready for this party, so this post won't be anything elaborate.  But maybe it's a good thing I've been so busy making sure everything is ready and set up.  It's meant that I haven't had time to sit and dwell on the fact that this year has gone by way too fast and that my little baby is now 1!  I have truly enjoyed every stage so far, so I'm trying to focus on the fact that it will just keep getting better.  Just the other night when he came into bed with us, and he snuggled into my shoulder, I thought "this is perfect".  I love being this boy's mom every single day.  Even though he is getting bigger and learning new things every single day, he will always be my baby.  But soon, instead of me carrying him or pushing him in a stroller, he will be holding my hand while we walk together.  And instead of having one sided conversations, he will be talking up a storm and I will get a lot of "what's that?" and "why?".  I am so excited for this next stage, where this little boy and I will do everything together and be best friends (at least until he thinks I'm uncool)!

^^^ once again, he did not want anything to do with that sticker! 

^^^ good thing those are all done with!

^^^ he cried when we took the spatula and frying pan away

We love you Noah!  

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