The Adventure Starts Here: Five on Friday - Happy Birthday Kaitlyn

Friday, November 8, 2013

Five on Friday - Happy Birthday Kaitlyn

Now that Noah's weekly updates are done (tear, tear), I plan to start linking up with Natasha for Five on Friday!  

1.  First off I want to wish my niece, Kaitlyn, a very happy birthday!  She is turning 6 today, and I honestly can't believe how fast time flies (I can't imagine how her parents feel!).  

^^^ my first picture with her, when she was in the NICU

^^^ on her way to Kindergarten!

2.  Very random, but this video makes me smile.  Noah loves Bubble Guppies, but honestly I think Chris and I are more excited when a new episode comes out!

3.  This week my new cookbook arrived.  I had heard about it on Kelly & Michael, so when a friend from the MOMS Club said she had tried a recipe from it and liked it, I knew I had to get it!

4.  This new coat that I got on sale from Gap.  I have dressier winter coats from when I worked, but now I need something that looks just as good with sweats as it does with jeans... and my NorthFace just isn't gonna cut it all winter.  

5.  Finally, I got these cute flats from Gap and LOVE them.  They are stylish and comfortable!  They are all sold out now, so I'm glad I snatched them up when I did!

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