The Adventure Starts Here: DIY Projects - Noah's 1st Birthday Party

Thursday, November 7, 2013

DIY Projects - Noah's 1st Birthday Party

Noah's party was a nice combination of DIY projects and store/Etsy bought items.  And as usual, Pinterest was my source of inspiration for most of it.  

Photo Backdrop

While this was the backdrop for the food table, I decided this would make a fun background to take pictures in front of.  I hung the streamers first, using scotch tape to connect the tops to the crown molding.  In order to keep the twirl, I had to tape the bottoms to the wall as well.  In order to save my parents' paint job, I used painters tape for that.  Originally I planned to have the streamers go all the way to the floor, since it would have looked better.  But since this was a kid's party, and Noah was already trying to tear down other decorations, I decided to stop it at a height he couldn't reach.  We then had to attache the balloons.  In order to get tape them to the wall, Chris figured out it would be easier to tie a string to the balloon and tape the string to the wall... it worked out great!  Unfortunately, since this was in the living room play room, and since we had a lot of people at the party, these chairs ended up being used for guests and no one really used it as a photo backdrop.  We did however use it for a few family pictures after the party was over.  I really liked the look of it, but if I had to do it again I probably would have saved some time and skipped it.  

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

(no link, just an image)

I definitely switched up our Ice Cream Sundae Bar a bit, but the idea is still the same.  We had vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate chip, and cookie dough ice cream, as well as some frozen yogurt for the little kids.  And then of course we had lots of toppings!  I used a label maker to put the name of the topping on each bowl... I HATE not knowing what is what!   We also bought root beer for anyone who wanted a root beer float, but with all the craziness we totally forgot to take it out and offer it to our guests.  Thankfully, I think they were totally happy with the sundae options... it was the hit of the party!

Goodie Bags 

I loved the idea of tying a balloon to each goody bag.  Noah loves balloons, so I assumed that all kids would... and I was right!  My mom took care of the goody bags... it's become a thing for her!  She does a great job and always fills them with such fun things.  She got the bags from Target and bought balloons the day of to tie to each bag.  Since we had kids from ages 1 through 6, not every goodie bag was exactly the same.  But they did have a little toy vehicle, coloring book, book, bubbles, play dough, and some personalized goldfish crackers.

(Sorry I didn't get a picture of the balloons tied to the bag.  We got a mix of green and blue balloons to go with the bags)

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  1. Love the ice cream bar! So cute! Going to pin that idea. :)


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