The Adventure Starts Here: Christmas Wish List - Women

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Wish List - Women

For the next month, I thought it would be fun to put together some wish lists in preparation for the holiday season.  I'll start off with some ideas for women.  I know when I shop for my mom or friends, I often think if I'd like to get it as a gift... and I definitely wouldn't mind receiving any of these items!

scarf | socks | pajama pants | photography class | bracelet | spa gift card | jewelry stand

First of all, when I think of winter, I think of trying to stay warm and comfortable.  That's why I love getting new scarves, socks, and pajama bottoms.  I love the quality of Gap and that they stay current with the trends.

I already took this photography class, but honestly I can't recommend it enough!  This is how I learned to use my DSLR and I have since taken more classes with Candice through  It's not offered all the time, but the next time it is SIGN UP!

A friend of mine got me an Alex and Ani bracelet for my birthday last year.  I didn't know anything about them at the time, but since then have seen them EVERYWHERE!  I'd really love a few gold ones to add to my collection.  Maybe birthstones for my favorite people and some initials?  The possibilities are endless!   This would be a fabulous gift for any woman on your list because you can customize it to their life and personality!

And if you often buy the woman in your life jewelry, it would help to have a way to store/display it.  Right now my jewelry is hidden away in boxes.  And now that those big statement necklaces are popular, I often have a hard time storing them in traditional jewelry boxes.  I would love to have this stand to display some of my fun pieces and save the jewelry boxes for my "finer" jewelry.

And honestly, if you can't decide what to give a woman, a gift card to a spa is usually a safe bet (except when it comes to my mom).  The link above is to the spa Chris got me a gift card to one Valentine's Day and I loved it!  I definitely wouldn't mind getting another massage there ;)

I'm always interested in hearing what other women want for Christmas... so feel free to add some fun gift ideas in the comments!

Happy Shopping!

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