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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Travel Bucket List

Even though Chris and I don't have any big vacations planned in the near future, it doesn't stop me from thinking of all the places I want to visit!  I've already done a decent amount of travel through Europe and now that we have Noah, I think it would be easier and a lot of fun to really explore the United States and Canada!

1.  San Diego.  I went there on a business trip in 2011, but didn't really get to enjoy it at all since I was in an office building the whole time.  I think it's somewhere all of us can have fun.  When Noah's a little older, I think he'd really enjoy the zoo, Sea World, and even Lego Land.  And of course Chris and I will love sightseeing and going to the beach.

2.  Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver.  I've been to Vancouver before, but never been to Seattle or Portland.  I'm not sure if it makes sense to do all 3 in one vacation, I guess it will depend how long we would go for.  My half sister lives in Vancouver, so it would be fun to visit her as well.  I've heard so many good things about all these cities and can't wait to enjoy all the amazing food as well!

3.  Chicago.  We were planning to go this past Spring for my brother's graduation from Northwestern, but it didn't happen.  I've always wanted to go and from reading Natasha's post, I think it would be totally doable with a baby!

4.  San Francisco.  Chris and I spent 4 days here in the Fall of 2011, and I've wanted to go back ever since!  I absolutely loved the city and this time I would love to take a day trip to Napa.  Last time we spent 2 days driving down the PCH and spent one night in Monterey.  Next time we go, I'd love to take more time and explore the small towns more!

5.  Austin.  I really haven't done any traveling in the South, but I'm excited to start!  I've heard so many great things about Austin, but mostly about the food and music scene!

6.  New Orleans.  Chris went for a bachelor party, but I haven't been yet.  I think it's a recurring theme, but I would love to eat my way through this city and really just enjoy that easy lifestyle.


7.  Nashville.  I am a country music fan, so this is definitely a must!  I knew I had to go after reading Katie's blog post!

8. Savannah.  While this isn't a sightseeing packed vacation, I'd love to go and just relax.   A little side trip to Hilton Head would be nice too!

9. Disney World.  Once you have a kid (and even before), Disney World automatically makes the short list.  I think we will wait until Noah is a little older so that he will really enjoy and appreciate it!

10. Hawaii.   No list would be complete without Hawaii.  I think it's pretty self explanatory why I want to go!

And since we don't really plan on doing a big vacation in the next year, I've started thinking of places we can go to for a long weekend.  Our two top destinations are Boston and Baltimore.  I went to Boston to check out colleges, but I've never really done the touristy thing.  I can't wait to explore both of these cities as a family.

Happy Travels!

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  1. San Diego was our favorite place in cali by far! If you make a weekend trip to DC, you know who to call :)


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