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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Put a pin in it

Since Chris and I plan on traveling with Noah in the United States more (see our bucket list here), I thought it would be fun to document it all in a fun way!  I found this idea on Young House Love and knew I had to recreate it!

We found the map on eBay, bought a frame from Ikea, and a strip of cork on Amazon.  Honestly, it wasn't the easiest finding all the supplies.  But when I saw the price tag on the ones sold on Etsy, I knew I needed to find a way to "do it myself".   It's definitely not perfect, but I am still happy with how it turned out.

   Originally we had our Monogram Wreath, a canvas with our Wedding Lyrics, and a Trio Frame on that wall.  I did some repositioning and cleared the wall for this huge map!

I really like how it looks in our "hallway of frames".  

On the inspiration map, they used 3 different color pins depending on who went to the city.  However, we decided to start fresh with this project and only pin cities that we've been to as a family (with Noah).  

We've only been to a handful of places with Noah so far, but we are excited to add many more pins!

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