The Adventure Starts Here: Noah's First Year of Life

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Noah's First Year of Life

Noah will be turning 1 this Saturday!  I honestly can't believe how quickly the time has passed.  At the same time it's amazing to see how much Noah has changed and learned in the last year!  

I got the idea to recap Noah's 1st year from Natasha at Schue Love!  Even though I've documented Noah's milestones each week, it's amazing to see it all in one recap to fully realize how far he has come in one year!  

Noah entered our world on November 2, 2012.  He has been the center of our universe ever since!

Month 0/November

Noah was born and we brought him home to our little apartment.  We adjusted to our new life with a newborn.  Noah had his newborn photos taken and he also celebrated his first Thanksgiving. 


Month 1/December

It was a mild December, so we took Noah for his first walk!  He celebrated his first Christmas, his daddy's birthday, and New Year's!  Noah also smiled for the first time!

Month 2/January

Now that Noah had his shots, we took him out to run errands with us for the first time.  This is around the time that Noah became a better sleeper and napping in his crib. 


Month 3/February

Noah celebrated his first Valentine's Day and met his cousins this month!  

Month 4/March

This month we had a lot of celebrations... my birthday, St. Patty's Day, and Easter.  Noah also started eating solid food this month, starting with oatmeal and rice cereal and then on to fruits and vegetable purees.  Noah also started sticking his tongue out... it didn't last for long though. 

Month 5/April

Noah started sitting up this month.  Since he was better with head control and sitting, we took him on the swings for the first time.  

Month 6/May

We celebrated our first Mother's Day this month!  Noah had a bunch of milestones this month... his first teeth came in, he got his first rash (that we thought was food related), and he rolled over!

Month 7/June

Noah started to really enjoy the summer... going in the pool, starting swim class, trying ice cream, and going to NYC for the first time!  We also celebrated our first Father's Day!  

Month 8/July

Noah had his first trip to the zoo this month and went on the carousel!  Noah went to the beach for the first time, when we went to visit the cousins in Rhode Island.  He went back to the beach down in LBI.  This month Noah started crawling!  We also upgraded Noah to the convertible car seat!

Month 9/August

Since Noah was now crawling, we baby proofed this month!  Noah also started cruising around the couch and walking while holding our hands.  

Month 10/September

Noah had his first big boy bath all on his own this month.  He also started using the walker.  

Month 11/October

This has been a busy month.  Noah has 7 1/2 teeth now and constantly sticks his tongue out.  Noah went on a hayride, to a pumpkin patch, and celebrated his first Halloween!  

And here we are today!  Noah will be 1 year old in just a few days.  I'm so excited to see what the next year will bring us!

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  1. It is really amazing how much they change in their first year. Too cute.


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