The Adventure Starts Here: Mommy & Me Monday - A 1st Birthday Party!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Mommy & Me Monday - A 1st Birthday Party!

This past weekend, we went to Victoria's 1st Birthday Party.  We know Victoria (and her mom, Stella) through the MOMS club.   The party was a lot of fun.  They had a lady come in and do some music for the kids and Noah got to play with some of his friends.  It was so much fun to watch Noah so focused on the woman playing the guitar... he was hypnotized!  

^^^ I guess she knew it was a "Smash" cake

Happy Birthday Victoria!

I'm once again linking up with Leah and Emily for Mommy and Me Monday!  

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  1. Love the photo's of you and Noah! So sweet :) Looks like a fun bday party!!


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