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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's Fall...

so we went to a farm!  Apparently if you have kids (or even if you don't) and live in the suburbs, the cool thing to do in October is go to a farm to go apple and pumpkin picking.  Noah and I had been to Alstede Farms once before, but we only ended up going to the store and to look at the animals.  This time we went as a family and were a little more prepared.  The weather was GORGEOUS!  We brought the baby carrier in case Noah got heavy, and made sure to have a hat and coat for Noah just in case it got cold.  It was definitely busy (like I said, this is apparently the thing to do in October and the weather was amazing), but thankfully we found a great parking spot.  We had to wait in a short line to get our tickets for the Hayride, but Noah was a champ.  

Next, we stood in another line waiting for the hayride.  Noah entertained himself by playing peek-a-boo with the PYO box we got :)

Finally we were on the hayride!  Noah started to get a little antsy, but nothing some puffs wouldn't cure.  We had the option to get off and pick some apples and other vegetables, but we decided to stay on the hayride until the pumpkin patch.  

As soon as we got to the pumpkin patch, I immediately thought this was perfect for a photo shoot!  We found a big pumpkin and immediately started taking pictures.  We didn't end up taking any pumpkins home and I'm kind of glad we didn't... the line to pay for the fruit and pumpkins was massive!  

By the time we left the farm, we were starving!  We found a mexican restaurant nearby and had some yummy lunch (and super fresh guacamole).  So yummy!

It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday... as a family, outside and enjoying this Fall weather!  

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  1. As I've been going through my reader tonight, it seems that everyone did this over the weekend. YOu are definitely right that it is the thing to do. We are heading out to my parents farm this weekend for pumpkins!


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