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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's Birthday Season

This past weekend we drove down to Philadelphia for a First Birthday Party.   It was my friend, Jenn's, daughter's 1st Birthday!   Just like when Cayla and Noah first met, they were much more interested in looking at each other than the camera ;)

Meanwhile, up in Rhode Island, my niece and nephews were celebrating their October/November Birthdays.  Aidan's 1st Birthday was on Friday, and on Saturday Kaitlyn and Matthew had a joint birthday party with their friends.  We are bummed that we couldn't be there, but from the pictures my mom took, it looks like they had a blast!

Then on Sunday, we went over to the Flinns' for brunch since Chris' Great Uncle Bobby, Aunt Judy, and their son, David were visiting for the afternoon.   We also had a mini birthday celebration for Noah.  It was the first time we sang him Happy Birthday.  Grammy and Grandpa even got him a cake and Noah I blew out the candles.

^^^ beautiful and delicious cake from Natale's Bakery.  We will be getting a bigger version for his party on Saturday!

^^^ The Birthday Boys... Noah turns 1 on 11/2 and David turns 40 on 11/4


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