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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Birthday Craft

For my dad's birthday, Noah made my dad (grandpa) this flower pot craft.  My dad loves flowers, so I thought it would be cute if Noah personalized a flower pot and then they could plant some flowers in it together.

So here's how we did it... I got the flower pot and paint pen at Michael's.  I already had some finger paint from the Father's Day Craft Noah and I made. 

I waited for Chris to get home from work, since when you are dealing with finger paint and a little baby, it can get messy fast if you aren't prepared.  I learned from the Father's Day Craft that the easiest way to apply the paint to Noah's hand is by using a makeup sponge applicator.  I didn't take any pictures of Noah actually doing the handprints this time, but it went exactly like it did when we did the Father's Day Handprints.

The handprints weren't the clearest, but I've learned that when working with an almost 1 year old, that perfection is hard to obtain ;)  After the handprints dried, I used the paint pen to add his name and year to it.  

Then on the back, I wrote out "Happy Birthday Grandpa".  I used a pencil first so that I got the spacing I wanted and then went over it with the paint pen.  I was impressed how easy it was to use the paint pen.  (Though I did test it out on the bottom of the pot first).

While I made the pot ahead of time, we went to pick out some flowers on our way to seeing my dad.  We originally picked out some orange mums, but I guess I'm not a flower expert because I got way too big of an arrangement.  Thankfully my dad already had a bunch of flower pots on hand, so he just planted those in another pot.  My dad and I then made a quick trip to our local flower shop and picked up these purple mums.

Originally I thought it would be cute if my dad and Noah planted them together, but Noah was more interested in playing.  He instead had fun after it was all done posing with my dad and the flowers... and pulling off some of the buds ;)

That evening we went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for a birthday dinner celebration.  It was Noah's first time there and he was great!  We had the best waiter!  He got Noah a balloon (that was leftover from another table who was celebrating a birthday) and even gave Noah a book!

Happy Birthday Dad!

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