The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - Week 49

Friday, October 11, 2013

Baby Noah - Week 49

Weight:  about 26 lbs.

Health:  Based on Noah's mood, he seems better.  However, his nose is still running like a faucet and he still has that nasty cough.   I hope he gets better soon.  

Sleep:  Noah still ends up in our bed.  The second time I have to get up with him, I bring him in with me so I can get some sleep.  Sometimes that's as early as 1 am, but one night I didn't bring him in until 5 am!

^^^ I think the cutest part is him holding onto his chicken wing and carrot

Clothes:  I brought out the Halloween clothes this week!  Sometimes I think it feels early, but with all these cute Halloween outfits, if I don't start soon, he won't be able to wear them all in time ;)

^^^ that's a ghost on his shirt :)

The chillier weather appears to be sticking around, so my mom and I went shopping for some shoes, a jacket, and some cute hats.

^^^ My baby looks like a big boy now!

Social:   We had a busy weekend, with family dinners on Saturday and Sunday.

On Wednesday we had our MOMS club walking group.

Other than that it wasn't a very eventful week.  Since Noah is still getting better, I figure it's best to not put other kids at risk of getting sick.

Diet:  Noah had his first McDonald's experience.  We still brought him some baby food to eat while there, but we did get him an ice cream cone.  Whenever I tried to have him lick it, he would try to grab the ice cream.  So instead, Chris fed it to him with a spoon.  

^^^ I definitely need more ideas for lunches... Noah has grilled cheese a lot!

Baby Gear Love:   We bought Noah a toy Dyson vacuum, and he LOVES it.  We gave it to him last week and his face immediately lit up!  He played with it every day, but it was super cute when he used it while Chris was vacuuming on Sunday.  It was amazing to see the kid who used to cry when we'd vacuum be so excited to vacuum along with his daddy.

We bought this Zany Zoo toy a while ago, but it was in my parents' basement until he was big enough for it.  We finally brought it back to our apartment this week, and he loves playing with it!  (Please excuse his runny nose)

Daddy Time:   Chris always watches Noah on the weekend mornings, and they have a blast!

^^^ entertaining Noah while waiting for our photographer

Milestones:   Noah is getting into EVERYTHING!  We use blankets to block off our side table so that Noah can't get back to where Chris' desk is.  It turns out Noah is smarter than us and got through that roadblock!

It's more of a milestone for Chris, but this week was the first time Chris gave Noah a bath all on his own!  

Likes:   Noah loves balloons and books.  I love when waiters go the extra mile to make Noah smile.  When at Ruth's Chris the other night, our waiter got Noah a balloon (from another table who left their balloons) and even gave Noah a book!

Noah likes his Great Gram, but he really likes her cane ;)

Mommy:  Since we were getting some family photos taken, I decided to get my hair blown out.  I went to the hair salon on Saturday morning while Chris watched Noah.  I wish I could do my hair like my hair dresser, Erica, does it.

Happy 49 Weeks Noah!


  1. The face at McDonalds is just too much! And how excited were you the night he slept til 5??

  2. The face at McDonalds is just too much! And how excited were you the night he slept til 5??


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