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Thursday, September 5, 2013

We Are... Penn State!

College Football officially began this past weekend!  While I'm not really into it, Chris went to Penn State, and is therefore a pretty big fan!  I have enjoyed going to one game a season in the past... especially the one where Chris proposed ;).  And of course there's no surprise that I enjoy dressing Noah up in the jerseys.  Chris sent this picture of Noah in his Penn State Jersey to Lions Pride (where we purchased the jersey) and they asked if they could post it on their fan page.  We of course agreed, and by the end of the day he had a ton of likes and comments!  I know he brings a smile to my face everyday!

So back to the football game... last Saturday, Chris went to the Penn State vs. Syracuse game at Met Life Stadium (aka Giants Stadium) in New Jersey!  He went with his parents, his brother (Justin), and my brother and sister-in-law (David & Trisha).  Chris and David both went to Penn State (graduated different years), and Trisha is a HUGE college football fan!  Originally they called for rain, but they lucked out and had great weather.  Chris' parents have a handicap pass, and were able to get an AMAZING parking spot!  They had fun tailgating before the game and played some ladder golf.  Chris loves to take pictures during the games now with our fancy zoom lens.  And of course it was a good game, since Penn State won!  

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