The Adventure Starts Here: NYC and a new friend for Noah

Monday, September 30, 2013

NYC and a new friend for Noah

After swim class on Saturday, Chris and I took Noah into NYC.  We have been trying to get together with Chris' friend/old co-worker, Amy and her husband (Seth) and son (Jake).  They were going to come visit us in the summer and go to the pool with us, but then it rained.  So finally we found a weekend that worked, and decided that we would meet in the city (since they live in Long Island).

We went to the Central Park Zoo.  We checked out the penguins... it was fun to see Noah so excited!

After checking out some animals (and there weren't many!), we went to get some lunch.  

After lunch we walked over to the Plaza and got some frozen yogurt at Yoart Frozen Yogurt Boutique. They had so many amazing flavors and toppings... it's definitely a must try!

We had such a fun time spending the day in NYC with these three and can't wait to do it again!

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