The Adventure Starts Here: Fall Fashion: Baby Edition

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall Fashion: Baby Edition

I know that everyone says that shopping for a girl is way more fun than a boy. And while they do have some adorable clothes, the stores have come out with some really amazing things for boys lately as well!  

I have to admit that my mom gets most of Noah's clothes... she LOVES to shop for all the grandkids!  But recently I've made a few purchases for Noah and I wanted to share some of my favorites.  Noah's clothes primarily come from Gap, Carter's, and Tommy Hilfiger (where Chris works).  I love that Noah now wears size 18-24 at Gap, because it means he can wear clothes from both "Baby" and "Toddler"... more options!  The weather hasn't quite cooled down enough for him to wear all these sweaters, but when it does he will be one stylish dude!


  1. Loving all the cute sweaters! And I love how we fit in both sizes right now too...score!

  2. Loving your sweater choices! And LOVE that Ethan can fit into baby and toddler at Gap and Old Navy now too! Score!

  3. Those are our faves too, and Janie and Jack (when grandma is buying!)

  4. What a sweet Grandma, but yeah, I would still need to shop!!! Love the pumpkin shirt!


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