The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - Week 47

Friday, September 27, 2013

Baby Noah - Week 47

Weight:  about 26 lbs. 
Health:  Thankfully Noah is feeling better.  He still has a runny nose and seems congested at night.  We use the nosefrida and vapor rub at night trying to help Noah sleep.  

^^^ When I saw this shirt at Old Navy I knew I had to get it since it looked just like Socks the Fox!

Sleep:  This week was MARGINALLY better with sleep.  This week Noah at least started off in his crib.

Clothes:  Noah wore his new moccasins for the first time.  They fit great, even if he did try to take them off for the first 10 minutes he had them on ;)


Social:   On Sunday, we went over to Chris' parents' house for dinner.  Noah got to see his Uncle Justin!  They got him some sensory balls, a wagon filled with jumbo legos, and some Giants footballs.

On Monday, we met up with the MOMS Club's Walking Group.  I am now the coordinator, and this week we met 2 other moms (and babies) at the Loantaka Reserve.  On Tuesday, we went to Alstede Farms... but I plan to do a separate post on that soon.  Noah and I went over to Owen and Becky's house for lunch on Wednesday.  

Noah and I went to his first "Music & Me" class at the YMCA on Thursday.  It technically started last week, but since he was sick we had to skip it.   Noah had fun, but it was definitely geared to older kids, so we won't be going back.  

Diet:  The other day, Noah wanted nothing to do with his pureed baby food lunch.  However, when I heated up some leftover pasta for myself and gave him some, he devoured it... and made a mess ;)  And of course, Noah loves our afternoon ice cream dates on the couch!

Baby Gear Love:   There have been some days where I've wanted to go for a walk with Noah but I end up not going just in case it rains.  So I finally pulled out the rain cover that came with the stroller, figured out how to put it on, and put it in the basket underneath "just in case".  I hope I don't end up having to use it, but this way I know Noah will stay dry regardless.

Noah also LOVES his walker... he's getting better using it all the time.

Daddy Time:   Chris spends a lot of time on the weekends, and tries to spend as much time as he can during the week from 6:30 to 7:30/8pm while Noah is still awake.

They have fun, but when Noah gets tired, all the fun ends and he has to go to sleep...

Milestones:   Noah had his first bath in the big tub ALL BY HIMSELF!  I was worried he'd be moving all over the place, but he was actually really still and let me clean him without a problem.

Likes:   Noah really likes books.  We read during the day and before bed.  I've put a bunch of his books in a basket in the playroom so that he can "read" them on his own as well.  So far he just enjoys taking them ALL out of the basket.

He especially loves his flip books, thought he already destroyed one of them after only 1 day!

Noah had to wear socks on our way to swim class (since it was colder).  It took him maybe 5 minutes before he got them off.  He had way more fun playing with them.  

Noah still love balloons.  When we stopped at Party City (for birthday party supplies) last weekend, the woman behind the counter was nice enough to give Noah a balloon.  Unfortunately it popped in the car while we went into the next store!  We were maybe gone 20 minutes... what a bummer!

Who needs toys... Noah prefers playing with my soap bottles.  We've given him one of my old bottles and he's now a happy boy!

Mommy:  I love having friends who are teachers that get out of work early!  It means we can meet for dinners on a regular basis and it doesn't mess up Noah's bedtime!  This week I met up with Marlaina for a nice dinner at George and Martha's.  When Chris got off the train he came to the restaurant (right across the street from our apartment) and took Noah home to hang out.  We got to finish our dinner and when I came home, Noah was passed out on Chris :)

Happy 47 Weeks Noah!

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  1. Yall have been busy! I love the little fox shirt and am glad he is feeling a bit better. Watch out for that bathtub, it will be a crazy time soon.My boys are nuts in the bath- it is their favorite time of day!


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