The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - Week 46

Friday, September 20, 2013

Baby Noah - Week 46

Two weeks ago we did a little photo shoot with Noah.  We wanted to have a few options to choose from for his birthday party invitation.  We took these around 5 pm at my parents' house, and since it was later in the day he wasn't as happy as he usually is.  I really wanted them to be outside and not look like all the other weekly pictures we take.  Even though he wasn't as happy as he normally is, we still got some good pictures to choose from.  We ended up using the picture above for his invitation and I absolutely love it!

Weight:  26 lbs.

^^^ my baby doesn't look like a baby in this picture
Health:  The same teething pain and runny nose.  Then on Wednesday morning, Noah woke up with a slight fever, very congested, and just feeling crummy in general.  I'm not sure if it's connected to the teething or if he's coming down with something.  

Sleep:  I've had Noah sleep in our bed so that I'm not getting up every hour, but it's still been rough.  Since he's sick he's been wanting to sleep on me a lot.  

^^^ this kid rarely just falls asleep, but since he's been sick he has fallen asleep just sitting there and even once in the middle of facetime with Chris!

Clothes:  Some of the 18-24 stuff seems to fit Noah already, but the other day we put him in a 18-24 shirt and pants and we had to roll up his sleeves and pant legs.  You'd think we don't buy him any clothes and we are waiting for him to grow into hand-me-downs!  Needless to say we will be sticking with the 12-18 for a little while longer.  We've also found that he is a typical Freel who has short legs.  Noah does not do well with pants unless they have the elastic around the ankle!

^^^ Noah is starting to look like a big boy now that he's wearing regular shirts instead of the onesies with the snaps

Social:  Last Saturday, Noah started up with swim classes again!  Since the summer session, they have now split his class in two... 6-12 months and 12-24 months.  In the summer session, he was the youngest baby, and now he's the oldest.  We wonder if he should be pushed up to the older class since most of the babies in his class now have never taken any class before and since he will be a year old with 2 months left of class.  We plan to discuss with the teacher this Saturday.

Saturday evening the three of us went to dinner at Olive Lucy's.  It was amazing and I plan to do a separate post about it.

On Sunday, while Chris went to the Giants game, my parents and brother came over to keep us company.  We took Noah to the playground and he had fun on the swings.  My dad played a game with him where he'd give him his burp cloth on one push, and the next time take it back.  We were amazed at how long it took before the burp cloth fell to the ground!

That evening, we went to dinner and got some frozen yogurt for dessert.

^^^ Noah loves his menus!

^^^ Noah had his usual combination of vanilla and mango frozen yogurt.  

Noah had a pretty uneventful week socially speaking.  He saw my mom a lot since she came over to let me nap a few times.  Noah was supposed to start his Mommy&Me Music class yesterday, but since he still had a slight fever I decided to keep him home.  

Diet:  Noah is a little beggar when he sees me eating food.  He wants whatever I'm eating and will "whine" until he gets some.  Then when I try to give it to him again when he's sitting in his high chair, he wants nothing to do with it.  He only likes it if it's coming off of my plate.  

Baby Gear Love:   We've had the jumperoo for a while, and there was a stretch where we barely used it, but recently we started using it again.  Since he's had problems napping in his crib (and only wants to sleep on me) I've had to get creative in order to get a daily shower and do my hair and makeup.  I've started bringing the jumperoo into my bedroom and let him watch me get ready while bouncing.  He still cries when I shower (I think cause he can't see my behind the curtain), but at least it let's me get ready without worrying that he's getting into EVERYTHING!

^^^ He has also really started to jump while in it... see video here.

Daddy Time:   Chris is excited that the swimming lessons have started again, since that's totally his thing with Noah.  On Sunday, he spent all morning with Noah before he left for the game.  

^^^ Chris at the Giants game with his friend Craig.  Whenever Chris goes to a sporting event, he takes TONS of pictures of the game.  I always ask him for 1 picture of him with his friends, and he NEVER does it!  So this time, when he texted me for an update on Noah, I asked if he got a picture of him at the game.  When he said no, I told him he wouldn't get an update until I got a photo.  I got this photo maybe 15 minutes later... doesn't it look like it was taken under duress!  

^^^ Another picture from our photo shoot.  Noah loves to be thrown up in the air just about as much as Chris loves doing it!  (side note: look how long those pants are on him!!!)

Milestones:   Noah is now able to walk using his walker!  He did it for me the first time (see video here), and then showed off his skills to Chris on the weekend.

Likes:   Noah still enjoys his baths... doesn't matter if it's in his baby tub or the big tub.  

Noah loves getting into EVERYTHING.  Many times I find him playing underneath his high chair :)

^^^ Noah used to HATE the vacuum.  He would cry as soon as we started.  He still doesn't like it and has to have one of us nearby while the other vacuums.  Here he is STARING at Chris vacuum like it is the most interesting thing ever.  I literally took him around every room so that he could "keep an eye on it".  We actually just ordered Noah his own little toy Dyson (maybe it will help his fear).

Mommy:  I went to the dentist for a filling.  It's the first time I've had a cavity in at least 15 years, and I think the first in my adult teeth.  I've never been afraid of the dentist, but I now am.  Let's just say that it was painful and some there were some tears involved!

Happy 46 Weeks Noah!

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  1. Sweet (and pitiful!) sleeping baby picture. Hope you all got some good sleep this weekend!


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