The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - Week 45

Friday, September 13, 2013

Baby Noah - Week 45

Weight:  26 lbs.

Health:  The usual... teething is bad and he has a runny nose because of it.  When he kisses me, I can't be sure if it's drool, snot, or a combination of both that he's rubbing all over my face!

Sleep:  Not great.  I've started bringing him in with us more and more just so we can all get some sleep.  

Clothes:  He's wearing 12-18 now, but I've only been buying new stuff in 18-24 since this kid just keeps growing!  We also bought him his first pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins!  I got them one size bigger than he wears now so that they will last a little longer!

Social:  Last weekend we went to a 2 Year Old Birthday Party!  It was for Chris' friend's daughter, and it was really nice to see all of Chris' friends again.  Most of them met Noah when he was a lot smaller, so they were excited to play with him now that he's more interactive.

^^^ Noah didn't really understand the whole puzzle thing... but he did enjoy banging with the pieces like a drum!

^^^ playing peek-a-boo with Mark

^^^ Noah still loves balloons... especially mirror-like ones!

^^^ it took him a little while, but after he warmed up to Jenny, she was his new best friend!

On Monday, we had a play date at the park.  Noah loves going on the swings!  Most of the other kids can walk, so they were going on the actual play set and slides.  One part of me can't wait til he can do that too, but the other part of me likes not having to chase after him and worry about him falling.  

On Tuesday, we met Jill for lunch.  While we were waiting for her, a grandpa aged man came over and was chatting with us.  He was saying how adorable Noah was and was telling us about his grand-daughter (who he watches during the day).  When Jill came over, he didn't realize we knew her and said, "I know, this kid is so cute you can't just walk by... you have to stop and say hi".  It was funny when Jill explained that she actually knew us ;)

On Thursday, Noah and I went to the mall and then had lunch with some friends.  Noah even got his own kids' meal... cheese quesadilla!

Diet:  Noah loves to eat!  We went to my parents' house for dinner last Sunday, and he took a taste of everything we were eating!  I'm so glad he will still eat the baby food as well though, because he didn't eat enough to be considered a meal, so he finished off his meal with some peas, pears, and greek yogurt puree.  

Baby Gear Love:   It's funny that Noah is over 10 months old, and this is the first time I've ever used the carrier with him.  Chris has used it a handful of times, but I never had.  We wanted to see if he would still fit in it, so we tried it out last Friday.  While he is heavy and I wouldn't want to carry him in it for a long time, it was definitely easier than I expected.

Whenever we go to my parents' house, they always have a new toy for him!  This time they got him this little car.  It doesn't move, but the kid can sit in it and play with all the gadgets.  He loved it!  And I love that he is able to have these bigger toys at their house (since they won't fit in our place).

Noah is loving this activity table even more now that he can stand.  Though for some reason he likes to play with the part that's on the other side of the table!

Daddy Time:   Chris took off last Friday as a last minute decision.  Noah and I skipped our play date and instead had a fun "Day with Daddy".  We went back to the Loantaka Reserve and went for a walk.  This time we went by the lake.

The weather was AMAZING last Friday, so we decided to go out for lunch.  We had originally planned to go to the Office, but to our surprise, it was closed for renovations (which it needed).  Instead we went a few doors down to Urban Table.  They didn't have high chairs, but they did have a nice table outside and we just pulled Noah's stroller right up to the table.  

Milestones:   Noah is getting better at standing every day.

He is even starting to let go of the couch to see if he can stand on his own (which he can't).   As a result, he sometimes falls.  And sometimes when he falls, he gets hurt and cries.  Here's a nice bump he got just yesterday!

Likes:  Drinking water from a straw.  We saw my brother feed my nephew, Matthew, water like this back on our 2011 cruise.  So this week we tried it out with Noah, and he LOVED it!  He would even start to suck on it towards then end.  I'm hoping he is starting to learn how to use a straw so that we can use those sippy cups soon.  

Mommy:  Not much.  This week I didn't have much time to myself since Noah's naps got a little messed up.  I usually use his afternoon nap to go on the computer and work on my photos and stuff.  It doesn't seem like a big deal, but that's what I enjoy doing, so it feels weird when I don't get the time to do it.

Happy 45 Weeks Noah!


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  2. Noah is SO cute! Loved reading his update and you will love his moccs...Ethan wears them all the time and they stay on his feet, which is great! Definitely worth the investment!

  3. Noah is the cutest! I mean that first picture is to die for! Enjoy that little man of yours! :)


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