The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - Week 44

Friday, September 6, 2013

Baby Noah - Week 44

^^^ Another football themed picture in honor of the start of the NFL Season.  

Weight:  26 lbs.

^^^ could he be any cuter with this helmet on???

Health:  Right when I thought the teething had gotten better, he is now getting the top teeth!  Noah had always remained happy during the day and only really showed signs of pain at night (when he couldn't chew on something).  But this week he was getting really irritable during the day and I could tell it was because of the pain.  I feel so bad for him, but I do like the extra hugs and kisses I've been getting as a result.  

Sleep:  Still getting up multiple times a night.  I've even found his naps getting affected because of these top teeth.  Some afternoons he will start crying and screaming after 10 minutes and I end up letting him sleep on me just so he will nap.  

Clothes:  While I love Summer, I'm ready for the crisp fall weather and for Noah to be able to wear his super cute fall clothes!

Social:  While we were at the US Open, Noah spent the day with his cousins, his Aunt Trisha, and my mom.

^^^ Noah was fascinated with his cousin, Kaitlyn.

This week we had a lot of activities with the MOMS group.  We met one of the moms and her son for a walk around town.  There was a End of Summer Potluck Lunch on Thursday.

On Wednesday, we went for a walk with my dad in the morning.  

^^^ My dad showing Noah a caterpillar.  And yes, I need to start putting shoes on Noah!

In the afternoon, we went over to Chris' parents' house for lunch.  

Last night we met Marlaina for dinner... and Noah had another meatball :)

Diet:  Some days Noah loves his pureed food, while other times he only wants real food or is happy with just his bottle.  I've read that their appetite can decrease when teething, so I'm not surprised.  This week he seems to want to eat whatever I have on my plate, and I have to admit I've been letting him try things I didn't think I would.  He had some of my egg salad, some of Chris' pierogies, and even some of my mint chocolate chip ice cream.   He also had some hamburger meat and some watermelon when we were at Grammy and Grandpa's house for lunch.

^^^ First time eating a pierogie... I think he liked it!

^^^ Noah is like his Daddy and loves watermelon!

Baby Gear Love:   I gave Noah this new Oxo cup to hold his puffs.  I figured he could eat them while playing without them spilling all over the place.  Unfortunately, he couldn't figure out how to get any out of it.  

Noah really loves this new book we've been reading.  It's called Peek-A-Who, and at the end of the book, it says "Peek-A-You" with a mirror... Noah loves it!

Daddy Time:   Chris and I love long weekends now because he gets to spend more time with him (and I get to catch up on some sleep!).  Usually I have to get up to put Noah back down for his morning nap (about 2-3 hours after he wakes up), but this past Monday I woke up to find out that Chris put him down for his nap and let me sleep even later... what a great Labor Day!

^^^ wearing their matching US Open T-shirts on Labor Day!

Milestones:   Every day Noah gets better at pulling himself up, standing, and cruising.  He is also a super fast crawler... and I love how he looks like an army man doing it!

Likes:    Noah likes remotes!  We knew that if we just bought a toy remote he would know the difference and still want our remote.  But he has the tendency to push buttons when holding it and changes the channel or rewinds our tv shows.  So instead, Chris took the batteries out of the DVD remote and we let him play with that.

Mommy:  I'm so glad the weather is cooling off now.. we love to go on walks!

Happy 44 Weeks Noah!


  1. He is so cute, Meghan!! Good luck with those top teeth, we too are finding them to be a really tough ride...poor babies!!

  2. Have you tried the teething tablets? They didnt have them when C was a baby and someone told me about them for B. They seemed to work much better than orajel for us!

  3. OH my goodness, the helment picture is so adorable! That book looks great, we need to get it :)

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