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Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Recap

We had a really fun weekend, and the amazing weather definitely helped!  Saturday morning we took Noah to his LAST swim class of the summer.  I signed him up for the fall session this past week, but it won't start up again until September 14th.  We were in the big pool again because of the renovations, but Noah still did great and had fun.  They did the usuals of throwing an object and then going to "swim" after it and pick it up, "swimming" on their backs, and of course singing many songs.  But towards the end of class the teacher came to each parent-kid and asked if we wanted to dunk them under water to get the used to it.  Chris was just going to put him under right below his mouth, but he went a little deeper than he had planned.  Thankfully Noah is a champ and didn't mind.  So then Chris did it again but this time dunked him completely and Noah again was okay.  So of course I asked Chris to do it a third time so that I could get it on video... so here's the link!  

We had a lot planned for the rest of the day, so I was really glad when he had a nice nap when we got home.  Sometimes his naps are really thrown off on Saturdays because his swim class is when he normally naps.  Once Noah woke up, he had his lunch and then we walked up to the Morristown Jazz Festival being held at the Green.  The average age of the audience had to be around 70, but we still had fun.  We brought our blanket and just sat listening to the music.  Noah had a blast touching the grass, playing with his toys, and listening to the music.   We even made the slideshow in an article about the festival on

Family relaxes at the 2013 Morristown Jazz and Blues Festival. Photo by Kevin Coughlin for

Noah might even make it on a documentary about the festival!  We were filmed with Noah waving to the camera (I had to help of course since Noah hasn't learned to wave yet... but it was adorable!).   Noah also loved staring at the golden retriever that was next to us.  This was the calmest dog I've ever seen... so much so that at first I thought he was a seeing eye dog!  

Saturday evening, we met up with Chris' parents (Grammy and Grandpa) for dinner at Guerriero's. We got a great table outside and had some really delicious food.  I normally give Noah some pureed food at home before we go out and then let him eat whatever table food he wants at restaurants.  But this way I at least know he got a nutritious meal if he isn't really interested in the table food.  Noah woke up right before we needed to leave and he wasn't interested in eating right away.  So instead we brought his food to the restaurant.  I was feeding it to him while we figured out what we were going to order, when the owner stopped by to say hi.  I got "reprimanded" for giving him packaged baby food at his restaurant instead of letting him eat the good stuff.  I assured him he would be eating a meatball tonight too ;)  

After dinner we walked over to Strawberry Fields for some frozen yogurt.  Noah was in heaven since we gave him some vanilla and mango yogurt and let him drink water out of the little paper cups!  This is what summer is all about! 

On Sunday, we took Noah to a playground in the next town over, Madison.  We lucked out and avoided the rain and had a lot of fun!

As usual, at the end of a fun filled weekend, we are very sad for Chris to go back to work today.  

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  1. Busy weekend! I love your mazxi dress (I can't wait to shop for some new clothes in a few weeks!)


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