The Adventure Starts Here: Wedding Month - The Ceremony

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wedding Month - The Ceremony

We are now finally at the actual ceremony!  Chris and I got married at the Dolce in Basking Ridge.  I was so happy to be able to have everything at one location!  We got ready at the hotel, took pictures around the grounds, had the ceremony on a wooded deck, had cocktail hour in their courtyard, and then had the reception in their ballroom.  

I ordered these "fan" programs offline.  I was a little nervous at first because of how much customization was involved and it was all done online.  But we ordered samples of the paper and ribbon, and after many proofs and emailing back and forth, they turned out exactly as I wanted!  

We hired a harpist to play our ceremony music.  She sent us samples of a bunch of popular ceremony music and then we met with her to hear her play and to decided what songs we wanted played when.  It was a beautiful touch to our ceremony!

Let me just say how much we lucked out with the weather!  We knew that the weather could be hit or miss with a wedding at the end of August.  So while we planned for an outside ceremony on the deck, we always had a backup plan to have the ceremony inside if it rained or was too hot.  

These next two pictures are also some of my favorites!  When we decided to have my niece, Kaitlyn, be the flower girl, we were totally prepared that since she was only 2 1/2 that she might get nervous and not want to walk down the aisle.  The night of the rehearsal we explained what she had to do, and she was so shy and timid listening to the instructions.  Little did we know that instead of being too scared, she would just run down the aisle and steal the show!  It was absolutely adorable!  

Then to have this next photo taken just minutes later as I'm walking down the aisle is absolutely precious.  We aren't sure if she's looking at her dad, her mom, or Chris, but whoever she's staring at... it's perfect!

We opted against doing a candle lighting ceremony since we were outside.  So instead, we did a little something with different colored sand.  We probably should have discussed more or even practiced, because when we got up to do it, we were laughing trying to decide whether to take turns pouring our colored sand in to make pretty lines or to just pour at the same time to blend it together!  

After the ceremony, we immediately took some family pictures together as a married couple!  

 ^^^ The Freel Family

^^^ The Flinn Family

 ^^^ Both families together

Then everyone else went to join cocktail hour, and we took some pictures just the two of us.  While I loved that we kept the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony, I do see the positives of getting all the pictures done before hand.  Besides the obvious of missing most of your cocktail hour, even if it wasn't the case, I felt a little rushed, and since we had an outside ceremony in August, I felt a little sweaty and that my hair and makeup weren't as perfect as they were for all the pictures we took beforehand.  

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